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Please tell me how can I get an employment contract or salary statement from emplyee via emirates ID only. Thank you Hello Sir my problem sir im.use of MOHRE applications So.I forget my password how can I / recover it mam coz I want to take my contract pls.com help me Hi Master, hello tried to check my contract in MOL and also I tried to pursue a tourist visa friend. but it seems that the website has been updated. could you show me how to do it. UPDATE: Based on an update from one of our friends/readers, they tried to process the application to get an employment contract in the UAE online, but instead of getting a copy of the contract, they received a receipt telling them to go to the nearest writing center to print the requested contract. The reader says: “I have not received my copy of the employment contract, so I do not know if my employment contract is limited or unlimited” Finally, I would like to advise the author of the question not to submit his resignation now, since he has only finished 12 months, and if he submits his resignation to the Ministry of Labour, according to the employer`s request, imposes a one-year ban for breach of contract, if the contract is limited in time. If the employment contract is permanent, the Ministry of Labour imposes a 6-month ban because the author of the question has not completed 2 years of service. The questioner can lift the ban if he has found a new job – the salary must be 12,000 dirhams as long as he has a high degree. If the Labour Court were to conclude that the breach of contract, limited or unlimited, by the author of the question is in conformity with labour law, the Ministry of Labour would not impose the prohibition and would allow the author of the question to cooperate with a new enterprise, regardless of his salary.

The procedure for obtaining a copy of an employment contract in the UAE online Although you can consult your work card online whenever you need to refer to the contract, sometimes it is more convenient to print a copy. If you want to get a copy of your VaE employment contract online, you can simply follow the method below to download and save a copy. My visa is from 02/02/2009 to 12/02/2012 I want to check my copy of my employment contract It is important that you have a copy of your employment contract and that you read each clause. Your employer must provide you with a copy, otherwise you can also get your employment contract online via the steps above. Make sure you have signed the contract yourself. If you have any doubts, it is best to clarify from the beginning of your occupation with your company or employer. Hi, I would like to ask where I can get a copy of my old Water/Pataka residency visa card as I need it to get a police clearance. I had worked there from 2006 to 2009, but I don`t have a photocopy of it, even my old company deleted all its files.

I hope you can help me. Thank you. Do they have the right to terminate my contract if I don`t comply with their new rules on working hours? In addition, my company does not reduce working hours during Ramadan in accordance with the orders of the Ministry of Labour. My company says that reducing working hours during Ramadan is a matter of discretion for the company and is not mentioned in the Labor Code. A dubai questioner asks: I signed my employment contract with my company, but I didn`t receive my copy of the employment contract, so I don`t know if my employment contract is limited or unlimited. I kept asking for my contract, but I didn`t answer. Is it a legal right and a labour law? Answer: The questioner can obtain a copy of the employment contract from the ministry and drafting offices dealing with the Ministry of Labour (Tasheel). The fact that the employer does not provide the complainant with a copy of his employment contract is contrary to the law. As regards other matters, the employer is bound by what is contained in the employment contract with regard to the aid. If the employer has not provided the questioner with the information contained in the contract, the respondent must file a complaint with the Ministry of Labour in this regard. With regard to the penalty clause of Dh 15,000 against the author of the question, if he terminates the contract prematurely, if the contract of the author of the question is limited in time, in this case he will legally compensate the employer for a period that does not exceed 45 days from his salary or the remaining duration of the contract. If the employer proves that the employee caused damage and loss to his company by terminating the fixed-term contract, but the labour court finds that the employee was forced to terminate the contract and considers that it is an arbitrary dismissal, the labour court will order the employer to compensate the employee.

However, if the contract is of indefinite duration and it has violated labor law, such a clause is at the discretion of the competent court, as it may reject this clause on the grounds that it is directed against the employee and in accordance with Article 7 of the UAE Labor Code, which states: “All provisions that violate the provisions of this law, even if it was made before it began, it is void unless it is no longer advantageous for the employee. This is a service provided by the Ministry to any institution wishing to obtain a new electronic employment contract and a permit valid for two years. Hi Deepak, I have been working in a private company with an open-ended contract for more than 1 year, the time I borrowed my passport in March 2015, they asked me to sign an internal contract that I will stay with them for another 2 years. I gave my written notice on October 1, 2015 for 1 month`s notice, but they want me to be 3 months in advance. I couldn`t finish 3 months, there`s a chance they could take legal action against me because I haven`t gone to work to date. Thank you very much. Note: This procedure only works for people working under the aegis of the UAE Ministry of Labour. If you work for a Free Zone, you can obtain your employment contract from your respective Freezone company or inquire at the Freezone headquarters where your company is located. So this is the procedure to get a copy of your employment contract in the UAE. Again, please note that this only applies if the company is registered with the UAE Ministry of Labour. We hope this tutorial will help you understand how to check your online contract for your reference and notoriety. Enter your passport No date of birth Nationality Mobile phone number registered when processing the emirates id Click next Your contract will be displayed Print it from the information for printing the work card You will see information at the bottom Therefore, the employer violated the above article and if he refused to pay the value of overtime and reduce working hours during Ramadan, the questioner must file a complaint with the Ministry of Labour in this regard. If the employer terminates the employment contract for the above reasons, he is in breach of the employment contract.

Once you have entered the correct data, you will receive a copy of the copy of the employment contract, which you can print as shown in the following image. This is my first contract mentioned above,,, So I like to change the company for my best career. So, is it possible? Remains all the visa stamps, the emirates I would like and the detail of the work card everything is for 2 years. But only in The employment contract downloaded by mol is for 1 year . So what will be the effect if I suddenly leave the company after a year, according to the employment contract that showed one year. My company made me sign a letter stating that if I quit my job before the end of my contract, I will have to pay 15,000 dirhams in compensation for the company. Is it legal under UAE labour law? And so you can get a copy of your employment contract in the UAE online. I am hired directly from the Philippines, I did not sign an employment contract just a letter of offer, but the company I applied for applied for me at MOL. I decided not to join the company. Can I be deleted after it expires because it expires on December 15, 205? Thank you Hello, I need to get my copy of the work card online.

My contract was already terminated in March 2020. I need it for my personal life. I can get it. And please tell which app I need to download and check. Thank you very much. Below, I`ll give you a step-by-step guide to reviewing and receiving your employment contract online. There are 2 possibilities here. You may have a work card or no work card.

The following steps apply if you have a work card. Question: I have been working for more than two years in a construction company as an open-ended foreman. My contract states that the working time per day is eight hours. For six months, the company introduced new rules that we have to work 10 hours a day without overtime because the company has delayed one of the major projects and can pay a penalty for that delay. They say that anyone who does not respect the company`s rules will be fired. For this reason, I plan to quit my job as soon as I receive a good offer If you work in the UAE and want to check a copy of your employment contract, you can view it (and even print it) online on the Ministry of Labour website. Please note that you must provide a physical copy of your employer. But if for some reason you don`t, you can view and print it online. You can also see what type of contract you have, whether it`s a limited or unlimited contract. I have already written about how to check your employment contract online on the MOL website. You can read it here. This article is an update of the original article.

MOL has also made it possible to verify the information of your employment contract via a smartphone application. Read the article here and watch the video tutorial here. 7. If the system is able to find your information, it will display the page where you can view your employment contract in the UAE online. You can get an idea of the terms and know what type of contract you have. .

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