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In the Scavenger contract, you have the task of locating and restoring up to 3 supply boxes. Each subsequent storage box that is opened increases the chances of rarer loot on the next, with more XP and money. After picking up this briefcase, your tac card will be updated to show the extraction platform – a blue platform icon – for that piece of contraband. Similar to a Plunder platform, you`ll have to summon a helicopter to safely get the DZ`s contraband out, and then interact with the bag it drops off after flying to secure your new weapon. After activating this contract, your Tac Map will change a specific shopping station icon from a green (or trolly) shopping cart to a yellow one with a star underneath. In addition, there is a countdown timer on the left side of the screen where the contract appears. Smuggling contracts are a type of contract that you can sign in Call of Duty Warzone, which was introduced in Season 4. There are three different types of contracts in Warzone – Bounty, Recon and Scavenger – and you can find contracts by opening your Tac card. Each contract has its own icon on the map, so you can quickly know which ones are nearby. When a refueling helicopter event is announced, it may be a good idea to take a launcher or LMG with high damage to the vehicle, para. B example a launcher equipped with a cavalry throwing gun to shoot them from the sky.

However, do not think that you will be the only operator trying to disassemble it and pick up its cargo. Battles for this precious drop are to be expected, so make sure you are prepared to take on both man and machine at this event. As one of the riskiest contracts, the Most Wanted contract will mark you and your entire team as a target for all other players. Your goal is to survive during the 3 minutes of the manhunt. Everything you need to know about the new contract type in Warzone. When you land this contract, you and your team only have a few minutes to track down a player as part of an enemy squad. Your Tac card shows the approximate location of the enemy, but it`s up to you to determine exactly where it is and execute it. If there is enough time, the timer will be extended after they have been killed, and the bounty will be transferred to another target member within that squad. Call of Duty Warzone introduces contracts, small tasks that must be done for money in the game. This guide will help players find them on the map. Every time you sign a contract, your contract bonus increases.

This statistic, which does not transfer from one game to another, determines the amount of loot and money that can be earned by entering into contracts. Contracts are little extra things to do when you`re on the Call of Duty Warzone field. These are small objectives that can be picked up so that the player can earn money once the time has passed. This money can be used at shopping stations, places on the map where players can buy weapons and armor or even revive their dead teammates. While the money on the map can only be found freely by exploring, the contracts offer a small challenge for the player to earn a larger financial bonus. Each completed reward can reward the player with $3000 – $4000 in in-game currency. There are three different types of contracts that players can find in the war zone, each with different tasks to complete and varying financial incentives. These are completely optional to complete, but are useful for raising funds in the game. This guide will break down each of them and how to find them on the map.

Two strategies used in Warzone through Most Wanted contracts are the use of vehicles and the use of the Most Wanted target as “bait”. Each contract has a specific purpose that must be concluded within a time frame. Complete the contract and you will receive reward XP, weapon XP for the current weapons in your load, cash, loot and/or other in-game benefits. The value of these rewards varies greatly between the Battle Royale and Plunder Warzone game modes. Looter contracts highlight nearby supply boxes that you can open for more loot. The good thing about it is that you can get more money while charging the equipment. To conclude a contract, you need to conclude it after a certain time. If you decide not to achieve its goals, the contract does not punish you. It is important to note that you can only have one active contract per team, which must be completed or expire before you can start a new one.

For this reason, it`s a good idea to work effectively as a team and, for example, search for enemy squads to maximize your chances of finding contraband. Supply journeys can be made faster using a vehicle. Alternatively, if your squad is just reloading, you can sign a Supply Run contract and ask them to redirect their landing to reach the marked purchase station in record time. When you choose a Most Wanted contract, a red icon will appear above you on the Tac card for all operators currently in the game. The Supply Run contract is a new type of contract that was added in the Reloaded update of season 4 (patch 1.23) with a new Rytec AMR & Spotter Scope weapon. The new patch also brings a lot of new weapon balance. Some examples of contracts involve things like finding and killing a specific enemy, capturing a target point, or opening certain boxes nearby. When you take bonus contracts, you have to hunt down a player in a certain area. You can use the Bounty contract as information to track down an enemy and his team. If you survive a Most Wanted contract, you and your team will be well paid in cash.

In addition, if one of the teammates of a most wanted player has died at the time of signing the contract, he will be immediately reinstated in the game. This contract assigns you a specific goal where you and your teammates must stay close to the finish line to score a point. This contract works in the same way as the HQ & Domination mode in COD multiplayer mode. The most difficult of all these contracts would be the bonus, as the player has to eliminate a specific person on the map. The game randomly selects a player and is located in their location. The game does not give the player the exact location in real time, but it is updated occasionally depending on whether the player moves or not. Your location is represented by a yellow crown on the map. The player also has a limited time to defeat it. If the player fails, the bounty disappears. In addition, the opposing team is informed that a bounty has been placed on it, and it is informed that the closer the opposing team gets. This is one of the most difficult to do.

After activating this contract, your Tac card will be updated with a target marker where you and your team will have to stand within a small radius around a communication station and download data. Those familiar with Call of Duty® multiplayer can equate this task with conquering a headquarters or flag of domination. The Supply Run, the last contract to join Warzone, marks a specific buying station that you and your team can reach in the allotted time. Come here for a cash reward and an 80% discount on most items. Best of all, there`s no cost to pick up a self-boost kit or redeploy a fallen teammate. The loading drop marker is not reduced. Successfully complete the contracts and finally a blue box will appear under the loot you will receive for signing a contract. Check out this guide to all Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (COD MW) Warzone mode contracts! Learn how to get Supply Run and other contracts, rewards, tips and more!!! You can view contract locations using your map. Note that they are also available to enemies, so be careful when taking one.

You can also call your teammates and ping the contracts you want to recover. We recommend focusing on the Recon and Scavenger contracts, as we hope that these will keep you away from other players and allow you to sign as many contracts as possible as soon as possible. A contract bonus of 1, with which all operators start at the beginning of a Warzone match, means that you will probably only earn a few thousand dollars and XP and weapon XP from a single contract. However, if you sign five contracts and have a contract bonus level of 6, the next contract you sign is likely to flood you with a much larger amount of money, XP, weapon xp, and a greater chance of epic or legendary loot. In the rare event that you enter into a premium contract, you may receive an error message that says “Contract not available. Consolidation loot attributed. It comes especially late in a game where there are only a few teams left. Call of Duty Warzone introduces contracts, tasks that can be found on the map and can be performed for certain rewards. This guide explains the different types of contracts and where to find them. Call of Duty makes its big debut in the world of free battle royale games. While this isn`t the series` first attempt at Battle Royale (as they did with Blackout in Call of Duty Black Ops 4), it`s a series with a Battle Royale mode that`s completely free. Players can buy this game on their digital marketplaces without paying a single penny. It seems that Call of Duty follows the business practices of most modern battle royale games.

In Call of Duty Warzone, players are thrown from a plane in which 150 other potential enemies must be defeated. Players will search the earth for better weapons and armor to best defend themselves against enemy players. A unique feature of this battle royale game is The Gulag. The gulag occurs when a player dies in a battle royale game. The player then appears in a prison where he has the opportunity to fight for his freedom against another player. .

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