Metro Multifamily Housing Association Rental Agreement

The multifamily form collection provides homeowners with the best protection and operating environment for rentals in Oregon and Washington State. Triple printed copies of the forms collection can be shipped to the Multifamily NW office. No personal form sales are available at this time. Please send your completed order form to info@multifamilynw.org by 5 p.m. on Wednesday. Orders are shipped every Thursday. Follow these steps to save copies of paper forms. We offer legislative advocacy, business intelligence, quality education, a path to career advancement, professional networking and participation in national associations. The FAIR Regulation radically changes standard practices in the application process and in the security deposit protocol. Multifamily NW offers training opportunities to better understand these new laws.

Check out the education calendar here: www.multifamilynw.org/events/ The City of Portland`s Fair Access in Renting (FAIR) Ordinance went into effect on March 1, 2020. These new laws only apply to rental apartments in the City of Portland and significant changes to the NW multifamily form collection were required for compliance. We strive to be the recognized market leader, partner, and trusted voice dedicated to the needs of residents, rental housing providers, industry providers, our community partners, and state and local governments. Please send one of the completed order forms below to info@multifamilynw.org and we will send your order to the physical address provided (no PO Boxes). If you are a landlord and you have tenants whose livelihood is significantly compromised, and you are financially able to defer rent and waive late fees for a certain period of time, we offer a landlord and tenant deferral agreement for free on the Oregon Rental Housing Association website: oregonrentalhousing.com. Stay up to date on the latest rental laws, new forms, current questions and answers, and more by reading our Oregon Rental Housing Association News. The Oregon Rental Housing Association is a national organization of people working in the rental housing industry and working together for: NW multifamily rental forms are available electronically through the traditional e-commerce website RentalFormsCenter.com or through TenantTech.com`s subscription service. Multifamily NW is proud to have a large group of dedicated members who promote quality rental housing in the south Willamette Valley. Our members include property managers, owners, owners, investors and other types of housing providers. All of our members benefit from access to our high-quality rental forms, advocacy for local legislation and jurisdiction, monthly lunches, and classes in Eugene. Multifamily NW`s Industrial Partners (IPs) are an integral part of our success.

Without our IPs, we would not be able to provide the quality of education and events you expect. We encourage all our members to use each other for all their business needs. We actively promote MUM — Members using members. Want to know more about MUM? Our Industry Partner Alliance is here to help. Email mac@multifamilynw.org for more information. Filing rental applications to secure occupancy applicants Screening Adverse Action Utilities Setup and Transfer Agreement The crisis triggered by the spread of the Covid-19 virus is causing ripple effects in our communities. In many cases, we will all see a significant reduction in revenue due to cancelled events, schools and closed facilities if we try to thwart the spread. M520 OR Portland Move-In Accounting M004 OR Oregon Move-In Accounting (Not for City of Portland) M006 OR Pet Agreement M106 OR-WA Assistance / Companion Animal Agreement M060 OR-WA Pest Control Addendum M158 OR Oregon Parking / Carport Agreement M036 OR Resident Garage / Storage Rental Agreement M047 OR Utility Bill-Back Addendum M001 OR Oregon Multifamily Rental Agreement M516 OR Portland Security Deposit Addendum M518 OR Portland Notice of Security Deposit Rights M005 OR Smoke Alarm / Carbon Monoxidalarm M524 ODER Portland Zustand beim Einzug M007 ODER Oregon Mehrfamilien-Einzugs- und Auszugsinspektion (nicht für die Stadt Portland) M027 OR-WA Bleibasierte Farboffenlegung (Strukturen vor 1978) M032 OR-WA « Blei in Ihrem Zuhause » Broschüre (Strukturen vor 1978) M155 OR-WA Raucherrichtlinie Nachtrag M126 OR-WA Sicherheitszusatz M038 ODER Schimmel & Mehltau Nachtrag. M502 OR Portland Application (Standard Financial Responsible) M503 OR Portland Application (Standard Non-Financial Responsible) M504 OR Portland Application (Low Barrier Financial Responsible) M505 OR Portland Application (Low Barrier Non-Financial Responsible) PHB 30.01.086.c3b Right to request a notice of change or hosting PHB 30.01.086.c3c Applicant`s Statement of Rights and Obligations Note M002 OR Oregon Rental Application (not for the City of Portland) M003 OR Agreement for Execute lease M510 OR Oregon Applicant Screening Adverse Action (Not for the City of Portland) M048 OR-WA Utilities Setup and Transfer Agreement M163 OR-WA Consistency Guest Card Mass evictions are not helping anyone, and other ideas are circulating throughout the state and our nation to find solutions to this very temporary problem. Please do what you can and we will do our best to keep you informed of the evolution of the situation.

Form NameDeburring Notification / Non-Compliance Notification of Alarm Manipulation or Non-Maintenance / Detector Washington Payment or Eviction Notification End of Lease 10 Days Notice of Lease Compliance or Termination of Premises 3-Day Termination (for Waste, Harassment or Illegal Use of Premises) Parking Violation Notification Rentalformscenter.com Electronic Subscription About tenanttech.com Oregon Forms Order Sheet – Not for the City of Portland To download this memo or form, click on the following links: M059 OR-WA Renter Insurance Confirmation Addendum M064 OR-WA Addendum to Lease M033 OR-WA Satellite Dish Installation Policy (Multifamily) M150 OR-WA Conditioner Air Installation Agreement. FormularnummerM128 M008 M065 M011 M009 M062 OR-WA M042 OR-WA M113 M010 M111 OR-WA M056 OR-WA M153 OR-WA M114 M124 OR-WA M024 M161 OR-WA M162 OR-WA M133 OR-WA M150 OR-WA M090 OR-WA M092 OR-WA M204 OR-WA. . . . .

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