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If these clauses are included, there will be no unnecessary disputes between the landlord and tenant in the future. Get your rental agreement registered in Pune at the cheapest affordable prices The owner or tenant must fill in the necessary information to obtain the holiday and license agreement in Maharashtra. When drafting the lease, it is very important to include some important clauses in the contract. Some important clauses that should be included in the rental or lease deed are listed below: you will receive the registered contract within 48 working hours. A lease form contains details about the landlord, tenant, lease term and lease clauses. You can easily create the lease on the platform of legal documents if necessary, complex clauses such as notice period, lock-up period, landlord and tenant liability can be added in the basic house rental format. In addition to this basic information, the conditions listed below are included in the format of the rental agreement.✓ The duration of the tenant`s occupation.✓ The amount of rent the tenant will pay.✓ The amount of the deposit.✓ If the tenant is allowed to have pets.✓ If the parking space is available.✓ If the landlord or tenant pays for utilities.✓ If subletting is allowed.✓ How many people are allowed to live in the rental unit.✓ The reasons, why the landlord is allowed to enter the dwelling.✓ The party responsible for paying the lawyer`s fees in the event of a dispute. Our fees are set by government contracts. With internal support, we ensure that these fees are very transparent. My landlord and I decided to sign a lease, contacted Easy Rent Agreement and the experience was easy and stress-free. They visited us with a single appointment online, no need to waste more time on the procedure, it was too fast and the fees are also affordable. Fees can be paid online/cash, where possible, just choose your option. Rental agreement within 2 days get .

without headaches. Thank you very much. If the tenant can have pets in the rental property. After registration, we will communicate the final agreement by e-mail. Our representative will verify the identity of the owner and tenant with the Aadhaar number with 2 witnesses. Once the verification is complete, you will receive your registered consent within 3 working days. Make an appointment > biometric verification > Completed Only three steps to obtain your consent. We, rental agreement in Pune, are a state approved service for vacation and license/registered rental agreement. We bring together government e-initiatives (always up-to-date) and technology to provide seamless lease service in Pune. Follow-up and compliance with the legal provisions required for registration will only be taken care of by the experts of the rental agreement in Pune. So many things at a reasonable price and on your doorstep too! All you have to do is trust the lease in Pune and free yourself from all your registration worries.

Call us or call our mailbox for any request. The rental agreement in Pune is always there to help you. Register and fill out an online form. Click here to register. Your draft contract is created automatically. You can add additional clauses if necessary. Thank you for your excellent service. We reached the agreement on time.

Satisfied with the service and quality of work If the tenant does not pay the rent on the scheduled date, the landlord may charge a small amount or fine. Our manager will visit you with a biometric device. It will take the photo and thumb and execute your agreement with your biometric verification. A landlord or tenant must understand what a lease is before giving away a property for rent. A lease, also known as a vacation and license agreement, is a type of contract that is usually written between the owner of a property and the tenant who wants to own the property temporarily, as stated in the agreement. As a rule, the conditions of the lease are similar, they can vary depending on the conditions of the tenant and the owner. The registered lease contains the details of the parties, the property, the rental period and the amount of rent for the duration. The owner of the property can be called the “owner” and the tenant as the “tenant”. It is necessary to print the rental contract on the legal document, if it is a notarized contract, it must be printed on the stamp paper Rs 100 / – or Rs 500 /. The online rental agreement must be paid on the green legal paper.

The period before which neither the landlord nor the tenant can terminate the contract. I work in the IT sector, and I wanted to conclude a lease for shared apartments, my friend suggested me to contact Easy Rent Agreement, they explained to us the whole procedure and the meaning of the lease, the procedure was simple and their service is satisfactory. I would definitely recommend Easy Rent Agreement. Must be included in the agreement and clearly mention the obligations of the owner or owner and those of the tenant. Once the agreement is concluded, our customer support team and portal will keep you informed of the status of the document. If the tenant continues to stay in the rental property even after the end of the contractual period, the landlord can charge per day. .

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